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Cotton Crochet StaffAt Cotton Crochet Company, we produce beautifully professional looking crafted handmade items, with a focus on beauty, coupled with functionality. Our happy and loyal customers love the fine detailed crochet techniques that we use on our products.

Cotton yarn is the ideal choice, as the cotton fibers create breathable products that are sturdy and durable. Our cotton yarn is mercerized, which means that the yarn has a glossier finish. All our products are pre-shrunk.

The Cotton Crochet Company ( previously called South Cape Crafts) started in Pacaltsdorp, a suburb of George, in the Western Cape, South-Africa. In the Apartheid-era Pacaltsdorp was a coloured township associated with George, but administrated independently.

It started as a mission station, Hoogekraal, but was named Pacaltsdorp after the death of Reverend Charles Pacalt in 1810. Reverend Pacalt ( a German missionary from Czechoslovakian origin) was initially invited by Kaptein Dikkop, the leader of the Khoikhoi tribe, to start a missionary there. He built up a congregation of about 300 Khoikhoi slaves and free labourers. In 1886 the town of Pacaltsdorp was incorporated in the George Municipality. Pacaltsdorp already celebrated their 200 th anniversary.

It is against this backdrop, that the Cotton Crochet Company was developed. It started up as a project to empower women from Pacaltsdorp. By producing these magnificent crocheted products,which resembles their cultural hand craft abilities, these women can provide in their family needs and are able to improve their quality of life and their community.

Dr. Johanna Botha, a general practitioner working in this area since 2003, became aware of the social economic status of members of this society. South Cape Crafts, now known as the Cotton Crochet Company, was therefor her brainchild.

This project creates opportunities, not only in financial advancement, but also promotes dignity and self-respect.

The Cotton Crochet Company women work in the comfort of their own homes, where they can still care for their children,while earning an income. They deliver their finished products to a central point, where it’s packaged and distributed accordingly.

Thank you for your support, whilst enjoying your Cotton Crochet Products.

Sincerely yours

Johanna Botha

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